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Adderall Alternatives Can Really Help Get Stuff Done!

I think it’s easy to assume that an over the counter nootropic and energy supplement like Addrena might not be really powerful, but it truly is.

It has changed my life as no other OTC products I have tried actually work as I either don’t feel them or they make me feel like complete crap. Adderall substitutes help me in a few different ways that other supplements fall short.


I have a really bad habit of waiting until the last second to study or work on my term papers and Addrena has enabled me to get the most efficient work done in a short amount of time. I specifically need an Adderall alternative for writing long term papers because they have to be so long and after awhile I just can’t focus on doing it any more. My mind wanders to anything other than doing school work and I never end getting enough done. I have tried drinking coffee and it has a few major drawbacks which stop me from consuming it. On coffee I start out pretty good, but that doesn’t last very long. Before you know it I’m drinking multiple glasses and eventually that turns into a complete crash where I become anxious and regret ever drinking it. Addrena allows me to study without a crash for an extended amount of time with the worst side effect being the thermogenic feeling which can be annoying, but at the same time it’s always nice to lose weight too.

Working out

Adderall alternatives StudyingBefore I started working such long hours getting to the gym was pretty easy, but once the hours started to pile up I became a bit lazier to get off the couch and make it to the gym. I think this is one of the ways that shows this product really is something special when it can get you to the gym after such a long day. This supplement is a strong stimulant though and does raise my blood pressure so I think people should respect it in a similar way they would to a prescription stimulant like Adderall or Ritalin. Besides losing weight from the thermogenic component I also think extra fat loss is achieved because of the longer duration and cardio that can be completed. Addrena doesn’t seem to kick in as quick as the powdered pre-workout supplements I’ve taken, but when it does it’s effects are as good as the old ones that are now banned like Jack3D and Oxy Elite Pro.

Working Long or Late Hours

It can be hard at times to be motivated at work because it can honestly feel a bit depressing to be stuck at a job all day or night sometimes. I can also feel overwhelmed by the huge workload that I can have as well at times too which makes a stimulant supplement a welcome site at these times. I have actually used Adderall at times and it helped me tremendously, but it of course came with a few side effects that I couldn’t deal with. One was how it destroyed my ability to perform sexually and the other was the anxiety it would give me.

Addrena is a Potent Adderall Replacement Over the Counter

I’ll end this review for Addrena by saying that I think it is the best non prescription stimulant and nootropic product on the market is worth giving a shot. Very few products out there actually work, but Addrena is one of them.