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Addrena: Over the Counter Adderall Alternative for Energy and Focus

This is where you can buy Addrena (aka Adderllin) an OTC Adderall substitute and best natural alternative you can purchase. These over the counter energy supplement pills are an herbal boost for adult men and women to find focus as it increases concentration, while also working for weight loss. This non-prescription replacement is a legal stimulant product sold for studying. (Not for any medical condition)


Addrena Features

  • What is In Addrena?

    Addrena (Formerly Adderllin) is the best over the counter energy supplement that achieves strong results as a natural alternatives pill for studying while also helping focus as it is extremely effective at boosting vitality levels and increasing concentration. This long lasting mental focus tablet helps a lack of sleep from it’s strong herbal stimulant effects. Addrena ingredients have amphetamine like stims in Guarana and Citrus Aurantium along with nootropics like Choline, Huperzine, Vitamin B3, and ALCAR as well. 60 Super powered tablets great for workplace professionals, college students, and anyone else wanting to improve their overall learning, mood, and mental focus in a more healthy way than drugs. This pill guarantees the best most focus and pep possible for an experience you won’t forget.


  • How Long Does Addrena Last?

    This natural nootropic for studying is a pill with powerful brain boosters for men and women which increases cognitive enhancement by assisting mental functions as it can increase attention span, helps memory, improves cognition, and also increases mental focus. It helps inattentiveness and tiredness as it is a powerful supplement available OTC. Addrena has a good stimulant dosage for adults looking to add and aid in performance without a prescription. It has the best price and comes with two months worth of tablets. These pills keep you awake and alert with motivation from it’s powerful herbs you can only buy through this website and not at stores like CVS, Walgreen, and Walmart.


  • When to Take Addrena?

    Take this natural Adderall alternative to improve studying, weight loss, and it is recommended for it’s attention benefits. The reason this product helps performance is because of it’s herbal energy boosters that can support and increase the body’s ability to increase metabolic rate, resulting in faster and more efficient weight loss for men and women. Most customers take it with food in their stomach and not past 3pm. Where can you order Adderllin? Only through this website at the top of the screen with either the red “purchase” or “buy now” buttons as now named Addrena. The best over the counter Adderall alternative in 2018 that has proven to work without the use of medications or illegal substances


Another Satisfied Customer

  • Buy Addrena the best over the counter Adderall substitute  at it’s website at as it is not sold in stores like GNC, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Walgreens because these stores do not sell powerful energy pills and non-prescription Adderall substitute supplements similar to Addrena.

    To read Addrena reviews by customers you can click here. The Addrena supplement stack is the best selling over the counter Adderall alternative because unlike other products it contains both herbal over the counter stimulants and brain boosting nootropic ingredients.

    Addrena vs Addtabz

    Addrena is a superior choice because it is stronger in terms of both OTC stimulants as well as having a better mix of nootropic supplements at a higher dose and much better price per MG when you do the math to figure our which one is a better deal for the money. ADDtabz is not a scam, Addrena is just a far better option having sold over 20,000 bottles while coming with a money back guarantee. It is a professional looking OTC version of Adderall with similar effects to speed up productivity for studying and working long shifts but not is not meant to treat medical conditions such as ADHD as that is a mental illness that needs to be diagnosed by a doctor to make sure you actually have it and is medicated with prescription drugs for treatment.

    Addrena vs Adderall

    One is an herbal supplement stack while the other is a medicine prescribed only by doctors to treat ADD/ADHD. Addrena is only meant as an over the counter product which improves energy and focus levels to help speed up how you get tasks done so you can be as efficient as possible. Take Addrena for that extra boost you need, if you feel you need to take a drug from a doctor you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor. Many people abuse these drugs which is why people buy Addrena as these people do not have ADHD and instead are looking for an edge either professionally or as a college student with a large workload to speed up their productivity.

    Can Addrena Help Me Lose Weight?

    Yes, because Addrena contains powerful stimulants it helps someone lose weight in a similar but less powerful way than Adderall. Addrena helps the user lose weight by it’s thermogenic effect, appetite suppressant effects, and by it’s ability to boost energy levels for cardio workouts. (Addrena was formerly named Adderllin) This over the counter Adderall alternative is the best product in it’s industry whether you buy Adderllin or Addrena it’s the same thing and will really impress you.

    Where Can I Buy Addrena? Is it at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid OTC?
  • I think it’s easy to assume that an over the counter nootropic and energy supplement like Addrena might not be really powerful, but it truly is.

    It has changed my life as no other OTC products I have tried actually work as I either don’t feel them or they make me feel like complete crap. Adderall substitutes help me in a few different ways that other supplements fall short.


    I have a really bad habit of waiting until the last second to study or work on my term papers and Addrena has enabled me to get the most efficient work done in a short amount of time. I specifically need an Adderall alternative for writing long term papers because they have to be so long and after awhile I just can’t focus on doing it any more. My mind wanders to anything other than doing school work and I never end getting enough done. I have tried drinking coffee and it has a few major drawbacks which stop me from consuming it. On coffee I start out pretty good, but that doesn’t last very long. Before you know it I’m drinking multiple glasses and eventually that turns into a complete crash where I become anxious and regret ever drinking it. Addrena allows me to study without a crash for an extended amount of time with the worst side effect being the thermogenic feeling which can be annoying, but at the same time it’s always nice to lose weight too.

    Working out

    Adderall alternatives StudyingBefore I started working such long hours getting to the gym was pretty easy, but once the hours started to pile up I became a bit lazier to get off the couch and make it to the gym. I think this is one of the ways that shows this product really is something special when it can get you to the gym after such a long day. This supplement is a strong stimulant though and does raise my blood pressure so I think people should respect it in a similar way they would to a prescription stimulant like Adderall or Ritalin. Besides losing weight from the thermogenic component I also think extra fat loss is achieved because of the longer duration and cardio that can be completed. Addrena doesn’t seem to kick in as quick as the powdered pre-workout supplements I’ve taken, but when it does it’s effects are as good as the old ones that are now banned like Jack3D and Oxy Elite Pro.

    Working Long or Late Hours

    It can be hard at times to be motivated at work because it can honestly feel a bit depressing to be stuck at a job all day or night sometimes. I can also feel overwhelmed by the huge workload that I can have as well at times too which makes a stimulant supplement a welcome site at these times. I have actually used Adderall at times and it helped me tremendously, but it of course came with a few side effects that I couldn’t deal with. One was how it destroyed my ability to perform sexually and the other was the anxiety it would give me.

    Addrena is a Potent Adderall Replacement Over the Counter

    I’ll end this review for Addrena by saying that I think it is the best non prescription stimulant and nootropic product on the market is worth giving a shot. Very few products out there actually work, but Addrena is one of them.

    Adderall Alternatives Can Really Help Get Stuff Done!
  • After reading Addrena Reviews (also known as Adderllin I see) I decided to try this natural Adderall alternative. It has some serious kick, I love it!

    At first I wondered where to buy this product over the counter as I now see it is only sold on it’s website and not in stores like Walmart, Rite Aid, GNC, and Walgreens. Addrena reviews on Amazon I learned are actually for another product named “Focus Pep” which is promoted in a different way as an over the counter stimulant substitute. A supplement like Adderall (Addrena) piques my interest because I work very long hours where by the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. When I take Addrena though I actually have enough energy to get some of my best workouts in and leave feeling great about that.

    When I am not working my day job or taking care of my children I am also working on an entrepreneurial endeavor on my computer. As you can imagine these tasks take tons of ambition, but also a lot of energy. It also takes a high level of intelligence to constantly come up with new ideas while also having the necessary mental focus, concentration, and memory to get these important tasks done. One of the big reasons I am writing this Addrena review though is also because of the nootropic supplements in those OTC stimulant pill. I really feel like they allow my neurons to connect and fire at a higher rate as evidenced by my improved ability to think of words and have effective ideas more easily. I don’t want to work for someone else the rest of my life and I’m glad that I’ve found a natural product which can give me an edge over other people in terms of it’s stimulating effects on my mind and body from improved focus and energy levels.

    Addrena Side effects are Dose Related

    Like other prescription and non-prescription stimulant pills the amount of mg’s to take of these types of tablets is a personal decision. For myself what I noticed taking Addrena/Adderllin is that at first I only needed half of a pill to get the full/strongest effects without any side effects. Over time I see that you do indeed build a tolerance when taking this natural stimulant supplement as I have to increase the dose to one full pill over time. After two days in a row I need to increase the dose over one pill which sometimes can give me minor side effects such anxiety, so I prefer not to go over one pill. When I take this OTC product as stated I do not get any bad reactions which is nice. On the bottle it states to only take one pill, but after speaking with the company some customers who handle stimulants well insist that they need two tablets.

    Addrena Versus Adderall Pills

    I have taken this drug/medication and this over the counter supplement and the effects are similar in that they boost energy and focus, but different in that Addrena doesn’t treat ADHD as a medication pill like Adderall does. In terms of their stimulant effects although they are comparable in that you get energy without crashing unlike something like coffee; The feeling is indeed different that you get though. Even though both make me feel sort of euphoric and high I don’t get any sort of addictive feeling from Addrena. This isn’t surprising as only one of the them is a scheduled narcotic available by a prescription and the other one is a legal stimulant pill. I think some people who buy a non prescription substitute to replace an illegal/legal drug end up unhappy as they are different, while others really like taking the alternative product. I guess the point is that because everyone reacts differently until someone tries both they will never really know. If someone really feels like they have a mental illness they should seek professional help from a doctor. Many times the answer doesn’t lie in pills and instead in our behaviors that we are partaking in every day. I know that my focus improved when I properly regulated my sleeping patterns, decreased animal fats (saturated Omega-6’s), and made sure to get some sort of strenuous activity in every day. But because I work in such a competitive environment I needed that extra edge; I’m glad that I read Addrena reviews and decided to give it a try. – Bill Faustino

    Addrena Reviews

    Addrena Reviews- My Testimonial for this Nootropic Supplement
  • Addrena Customer Review

    I wouldn’t say it is just like synthetic drugs, but this natural alternative to Adderall contains an herbal ingredient stack instead of just one chemical. This supplement has a large amount of Guarana as its main energy booster with two other stimulant ingredients in Bitter Orange and Yohimbe added into it to give an even stronger stimulating effect while also containing cognitive enhancers like Choline, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine besides a bunch of others actually too. I prefer to stay away from other forms of caffeine when I take Addrena’s but I will still sometimes drink green tea or even coffee with just one tablet. These pills have some kick and do not disappoint while also not giving me bad side effects like many other products and supplements that you can buy in stores and on the internet tend to have.

    It is very hard to actually find a product that is legal that works. I don’t count supplements that you can buy that just contain 200mg’s of caffeine as a product that works because not only does it give me terrible anxiety to consume that much caffeine, but it also makes me feel dead tired when I crash. That means that I’m often in the middle of a long stressful work day with no energy at all and also dealing with stress. My work overload and that tweaky anxious feeling I get from too much coffee or energy drinks is not worth it at all. Addrena instead has no crash and has only given me a little anxiety when I have taken two at once which I no longer do. Addrena is better than drugs that in my opinion because the after effects the next day are not worth it with drugs. I feel normal the next day after taking Addrena and do feel it’s effects when I take it on consecutive days, but prefer to take breaks for both health reasons and also the fact that the feeling is more intense when I taken it in awhile.


    Addrena Review

    Herbal alternative supplement that works! -Addrena Review
  • Review For Addrena

    I am happy to write this review because this is a product that actually does work. Addrena is the best natural supplement like Adderall over the counter from everything I have tried. Finding pills on the street is both expensive and annoying to actually be able to always find someone who possesses it. Read more…

    Best Natural Supplement for Energy and Focus- Juan Monaco Addrena Review
  • Addrena Review

    I am so glad there is an natural Adderall like supplement like this over the counter. Addrena has the best natural energy ingredients that together really have a serious kick to them. I was trying to decide between Addrena vs. ADDtabz and after trying both Addrena is light years better.  Read more…

    The Best natural supplement OTC -Luanne Robson
  • Addrena Customer Reviews

    There really isn’t one other good natural Adderall substitute otc. I honestly can’t even name one other pill other than Addrena come to think of it. Not one! Everything that works has pretty much been banned that is sold legally at this point making it very tough to find anything stronger than an energy drink or coffee, everything else is just a scam if you read the ingredients. Read more…

    The best Adderall Substitute OTC without question – Matthew Bryan
  • Addrena Reviews

    Taking an over the counter adderall substitute is a bit of a leap of faith because you do not know much about it going into it. As I have researched many, they are all scams except Addrena in my mind because they only contain caffeine as the only OTC stimulant in the product. Read more…

    Easily the strongest over the counter Adderall Substitute – Erika Santiago
  • Addrena Reviews

    So in terms weight loss os synthetic stimulants versus Addrena weight loss there are some definite similarities and also some differences with this over the counter Adderall substitute supplement. Read more…

    Great natural Adderall Adderall weight loss substitute – Anthony Errani
  • Addrena Customer Review

    I needed a non-prescription alternative because buying loose synthetic pills from my friends can be tough. Besides being charged a ridiculous amount of money, sometimes I cannot find anyone who has any extra left. Read more…

    Powerful Non-Prescription Alternative- Raymond Ngyuen
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How It Works

Addrena can be taken at just half a pill at first to judge individual strength before you increase to one entire pill.

Once you have tried a small dose you may be ready to increase the dose of this OTC Adderall alternative. Addrena is a herbal and holistic remedy by increasing the flow of dopamine, neurotransmitters, and epinephrine through the introduction of herbal stimulants, neuro vitamins, and powerful supplements that increase mental focus. These herbal stamina boosters can have significant effects on body fat reduction, cognitive enhancement, and boosting vitality levels as it contains potent ingredients. This natural product can now be purchased at a excellent price for a two month supply with the buyer’s assurance of Paypal to protect their transactions. This natural energy and concentration pill for work and studying is a legal tablet for men and women with trouble keeping their attention.

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Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two tablets per serving. To assess your individual sensitivity to stimulants start with one capsule daily. Be sure to read all warnings and only use as directed.

WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult your physician before using this dietary supplement. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid, or psychiatric disease, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, or stroke. Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are taking any prescription drugs. Consult your healthcare practioner before beginning any supplement program.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Individual results may vary.

Terms and Conditions: We are so confident that you will feel the effects of this product that we will refund the $39.99. E-mail us your name, invoice number, and telephone number and we will credit your credit card. Credit can only be passed once product has been returned. Credit will be passed for the value of the merchandise charge excluding all shipping charges. Bottles must be returned within 30 days of receiving the product with no more than 14 pills taken. Money back guarantee becomes void if any terms and conditions are not fully met.